Welcome to The Minimalist Pup

Hey every paw-dy I'm so glad you're here! This page explains a little back story of why I created The Minimalist Pup and get to know the creator, me!

To begin, I recently started up my dog's Instagram account @mylifeas_winnie and I started following all these amazing dog bandana shops. I quickly fell in love with the idea of dressing your dog up in cute, fun, boho prints. So, I went on a quest. From learning how to make bandanas to finding the paw-fect prints. Obviously I fell in love with process.

I opened The Minimalist Pup February 21, 2021 and we completely sold out! Like what?! The best part about owning this shop is not the money, but connecting with awesome pups & their paw-rents.

I hope you all love what you see and follow The Minimalist Pup on Instagram @theminimalistpup_

                    Wags, The Minimalsit Pup Team